Geoff Davies – Website Maintenance

Geoff was born and raised in the UK, holding an Aeronautical Engineering degree from Imperial College, London. The first part of his professional career was working in the UK Aerospace industry and later becoming software manager for a team developing colour graphics terminals and TDS digitizers. Geoff then started as Engineering Director for a company developing UNIX based optical storage retrieval systems. In 1996, Geoff moved to New Zealand and continued to work in project management and software engineering for Christchurch based companies before moving to Nelson to retire. A chance meeting with Rod Dixon led to discussions about the KiDSMARATHON program, and the work he is doing with the KiDS in schools, the ABC philosophy (Agility, Balance, Coordination), and keeping the KiDS moving through health, wellness and Immunity.  Believing in commitment and encouragement, Geoff also agrees that “Finishing is Winning and Winning is Finishing”. Rod asked, and Geoff was pleased to accept and be able to help support and maintain this KidsMARATHON web site.

Macklin Chaffee and Clay Burnett

Macklin was originally responsible for maintaining this website. Macklin takes living a healthy and active lifestyle to the extreme, and as a stellar athlete, he competed at the USATF 1500m Championships three times and ran a 3:56 mile.

Clay was the original website designer working with Macklin. He enjoys mixing his passion for design with his passion for athletics. Clay is also a head cross country coach at Chagrin Falls High School in Chagrin Falls, Ohio as well as an accomplished miler himself, with a PR of 4:08.

Macklin and Clay own and develop FinalForms, a powerful and intuitive personal assistant suite for Athletic Departments in US. The application streamlines departments, allowing coaches and staff to focus more time on the work that matters, teaching and guiding our kids!