• Rod Dixon, Mayor Neil O'Leary Help Launch Kid's Marathon In Waterbury

    Rod Dixon - "Lots of schools and students are signing up and the enthusiasm is growing in Connecticut. Schools are really into it and there's such a different in acceptance of the idea than years ago."

    Just yesterday in the Waterbury Observer - "Long-distance running legend, Rod Dixon, of New Zealand, was back in Waterbury Thursday morning to help kick-off the second year of his Kid’s Marathon running program in the city. Dixon won the bronze medal in the 1500 meter run at the 1972 Olympics, was a World Champion cross-country runner, and the winner of the 1983 NYC Marathon. Now 63, Dixon has dedicated his life to bringing his passion of running and healthy living to elementary and middle school students in California and Connecticut. In time, Dixon hopes his Kid’s Marathon program spreads across America."

    On right: A passionate man, Rod Dixon implored students at North End Middle School in Waterbury to fully participate in the Kid's Marathon program, and to bring the message of activity and health back into their homes.

    Read full article in Waterbury Observer »

  • LA KiDSMARATHON Final Mile @ Dodger Stadium

    KidsMarathon into Dodger Stadium

    Despite rare overcast skies, the LA KiDSMARATHON Final Mile at Dodger Stadium was run by 5000 Students! Over 500 Teachers, Mentors, and Coaches, and 12,000+ family members witnessed their achievement.


    KiDSMARATHON KiDs with Lakers Legend AC Green

    NBA Lakers legend, AC Green, ran the Final Mile with the KiDs.


    Final Mile finishers with their medal, (replica of the 1974 USA 1500 meter Championship Gold Medal won by Rod Dixon).

  • Noosa: Our official Yoghurt

    Noosa Yoghurt! Aussie culture. Colorado fresh. Noosa is all natural and from happy cows. KiDS love great tasting Yoghurt that is so good for them.

  • Checking in with 32nd St. School

    LA KiDSMARATHON is having it's most successful year yet!

    27,000 KiDS in school training in Los Angeles, Glendora, Inland Empire, and Chino Hills. LA KiDSMARATHON Final Mile Celebration will be held in Dodger Stadium on March 2nd, 2014.

  • Asics LA Marathon 2014

    Rod Dixon is pleased to announce an agreement between LA MARATHON LLC and the Rod Dixon's KiDSMARATHON Foundation. The partnership will ensure that 25,000 KiDS in the LAUSD - Beyond the Bell program will be able to participate beginning January 13, 2014 "in school" training to accumulate 25.2 Miles of their very own Marathon over 8-10 weeks. Five thousand KiDS will be selected from 230 schools to participate in the Final Mile Celebration @ Dodger Stadium March 2, 2014, along with an estimated 10,000 + family members.

    Learn more about the Asics LA Marathon Marathon on the race site.

    Please direct inquiries about how to get your kid involved in the Los Angeles area with the Los Angeles Unified School District.

  • Start 'Em Young!

    T. J. Murphy dives into the motivation and keys to success behind Rod Dixon's KiDSMARATHON...

    "The success of Dixon's program is built around the simple concept of getting kids active and inspired at a young age."

    "Former world-class runner Rod Dixon wants to end the childhood obesity epidemic."

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  • KiDSMARTHON KiD Featured in Nelson Mail

    Determined Boy True Champion

    It was a challenge for all the 320 children who ran, but none faced the same obstacles as 10-year-old Jakob Fletcher, of Hampden Street School. In reaching the finish line, he proved he’s a true champion, Olympian Rod Dixon said today...

    Jakob has cerebral palsy and other disabilities, and runs in leg braces. Completing the stages of the Rod Dixon KiDSMARATHON leading up to the last mile at Saxton Field yesterday was tough going. So was Sunday’s run, so much so that Dixon, who ran with Jakob, suggested that they walk for a bit.

    Read the full article >

  • KiDSMARATHON Event Held at Dodger Stadium

  • Launching KiDSMARATHON NZ!

    Olympic medallist and world champion runner returns home to launch KiDSMARATHON in New Zealand

    Obesity is killing us and with more than one in five kids overweight (Ministry of Health NZ) it is killing our children.

    One man that refuses let it beat us is one of New Zealand's most awarded runners, Rod Dixon.

    Founder of The Rod Dixon KiDSMARATHON Foundation, Dixon's ambition is to educate kids, their families and communities, the value of exercise, nutrition and active participation that will lead to a life-long healthy approach to living.

    Download the full Press Release



    We had an incredible 25,000 KiDs in training for 8 weeks this year!

    The Dodgers Organization officially estimated 17,000 were in the stadium for the kid's finish on Sunday, March 10. 5000+ KiDs, 11,000 parents/family, and over 1000 teachers and coaches. Amazing!

    Our goal is to have 25,000 KiDs finish next year. (75,000 "in school" participants)

    KTLA covered the event. Article | Video

  • KiDSMARATHON Partners with Dole Fruit!

    We're delighted to introduce Dole as our latest nutrition partner. They will be supplying fruit bowls to over 5,000 KiDS running their final mile at the LA Marathon.

    Check out www.dole.com/ to learn more about this healthy partner!

  • LAUSD Partnership

    The Rod Dixons KiDSMARATHON Foundation has a very close working relationship with the Beyond the Bell after school program, within the Los Angeles Unified School District.

    We have 25,000 KiDS "in training" with the LAUSD - Beyond the Bell schools. 5000 KiDS will run their Final Mile celebration at Dodger Stadium March 10. All the other KiDS will have Final Mile celebrations at school.

  • Partnership for a Healthier America Challenge

    Hi all, this past year has been incredibly inspiring and we've reached over 100,000 kids through the program! We're happy to announce we've received recognition for our efforts from "Partnership for a Healthier America"!

    Thank you "Partnership for a Healthier America". We're very supportive of the efforts you're promoting.

    Happy holidays,

    Rod Dixon's KiDSMARATHON Team

  • First Rod Dixon's KiDSMARATHON in Europe!

    Magdalene Happel, representing Frezzor, a 100% organic nutrition company based in New Zealand (the cleanest environment on Earth), has brought KiDSMARATHON to Regenbogen Elementary School, in Holzheim/Pohlheim, Germany! Magdalene and Frezzor both understand the importance of Activity and Nutrition for Children. The program in Germany will be just as it is for KiDS in New Zealand, California, Connecticut, connecting Activity, Healthy Eating, and Nutrition Education in School.

    Over 250 KiDS completed the 8 week "In School" training program and ran their 'Final Mile' to receive their medal and certificate + they received a very cool T shirt. Check out our exclusive pictures, report and letters and drawings from the KiDS. Very cool, way to go everyone! KiDSMARATHON Rocks!

    Thank you Magdalene for your Inspiration about how you and the Teachers and Parents and Regenbogen School Empowered the KiDS to Achieve their goal of Finishing. The Rod Dixon's KiDSMARATHON is all about:

    Finishing is Winning, Winning is Finishing.

  • KidsMarathon CT concludes with more than 900 students

    The biggest and, by all accounts, best Connecticut KidsMarathon grand finale drew more than 900 elementary school students to the Plumb Hill Playing Fields track on Saturday for a celebration of fitness and healthy lifestyle.

    Pictured are a group of Region 6 elementary school students leading the parade during the KidsMarathon's opening ceremony on Saturday.

    Full Litchfield.bz article »

  • Danbury kids and the rest of CT start their Marathon!

    Danbury CT Kids

    Diago Souza, 8, center, a Park Avenue School student, lets out a cheer with fellow elementary school kids prior to the start of a KidsMarathon kickoff on the track at Danbury High School Monday morning, April 2, 2012. Photo: Carol Kaliff.

    Article at NewsTimes.com »

    Article on Litchfield.bz »

  • RepublicanAmerican Give's us a Full Spread!

    RepublicanAmerican's Article on Rod Dixons Kidsmarathon in Connecticut

    John McKenna, a reporter for The RepublicanAmerican, a newspaper for Waterbury, Connecticut, witnessed Rod connecting and inspiring the kids in Connecticut's District 6. 

    Read his article »

  • KidsMarathon Gets Students Moving in Region 6

    Rod with Connecticut Kids

    Rod Dixon, right, leads Region 6 elementary school students on a lap around the athletic fields at Wamogo Regional High School on Tuesday and right, is welcomed by interim Superintendent of Schools Edward Drapp.

    Rod was back in Litchfield on Tuesday to meet with elementary school students in Region 6 who will challenge themselves in this spring’s KidsMarathon program. 

    Read more »

  • Bring Back the Mile!

    KiDSMARATHON has teamed up with Bring Back the Mile in the promotion of The Mile, a track distance that has incredible cultural significance and appeal but has been diminished in favor of arbitrary 1600m and Olympic 1500m distances in today's track and field scene. One mile is the distance kids run for their celebration event at the end of the KiDSMARATHON program. Our goal with BBTM is to promote the Mile as a metric for improvement in elementary school children. It is then our hope to see kids continue to run the Mile in middle & high school programs across the country.

    Click "Join the Movement" on the BBTM website.

  • Introducing the President's Challenge!

    ING KiDS ROCK is teaming up with The President's Challenge to reach as many kids as possible across the nation. The President's Challenge mission is to promote physical activity that is fun and that you can do on your own, with friends, or family members.

    Check out www.presidentschallenge.org to find out how you can get started!

  • KiDSMARATHON Partners with ING Kids Rock

    • Phoenix, AZ | New Orleans, LA | Washington D.C. | +12 more
      (see full schedule of Cities across USA)
    • 50,000 kids participating

    Rod Dixon's KiDSMARATHON Foundation has been appointed Special Adviser, Consultant and Ambassador to the ING Kids Rock and Kids Rock program. Our shared mission is to create a life-long commitment to good health and fitness habits in children at risk of obesity-related health problems.

  • Connecticut pioneers the first Community KiDSMARATHON Website

    Rod Dixon's KiDSMARATHON is so excited with the Connecticut Association of Schools KiDSMARATHON program. Check out kidsmarathon.lhfs-ct.org, the information HUB for Rod Dixon's KiDSMARATHON™ 2012 in Connecticut.

  • A KiDSMARATHON story in Cheshire

    When the final mile started I immediately went to the back of the runners to "run/walk" with the more challenged kids, I recognized that these runners, almost all of whom had done the 6-8 weeks of training, were just going to need a little more encouragement to finish their mile. What was incredible, most of them liked the idea of the run/walk as this suddenly presented something that they could do! Lap after lap we circled and although they were challenged to keep going, the other kids who had now finished came over to encourage and cheer our few runners onto the last lap. Into the final 50 yards the cheering was so strong and everyone at the stadium knew our runners were going to Finish, and the runners knew too, and they raised their hands in Victory as they too had Finished and were Winners!!

    "Finishing is Winning and Winning is Finishing".

    Community Effort!

    This was at Cheshire final mile.

    The Big story behind Finishing is Winning and Winning is Finishing.

    "New York City Marathon 1983, I had just won the Greatest run of my life, I was the very first person from the start line at the Verrazano Bridge on Staten Island to arrive at the Finish line in Central Park New York City. I had run the race of my life through the five boroughs of New York chasing the lead runners and finally catching the leader Geoff Smith from England with just 385 yards to the Finish line.

    I had Finished First, Winning the greatest Race on earth, I thrust my arms up in Victory, dropped to my knees and kissed the ground and looked to the sky to give thanks for Winning this great Race, The New York City Marathon. I was overwhelmed with emotion, and by the excitement of the thousands and thousands of people watching. I waved to everyone, I was interviewed by ABC Television who would broadcast the race around the World, and especially to my home country New Zealand, where all my family were watching. After a few hours of all the congratulations and celebration I went back to the Finish line on my own to savoir my Winning of the Marathon. I watched as thousands of Runners were still Finishing their Marathon, I stood about 100 yards before the Finish line for over an hour, cheering on these people, watching them Finish their Race many hours after I had Finished. All these runners finishing would be so happy, most would raise their hands in Victory, some would jump up and down with happiness, some even danced! I even saw people crying with excitement that they have Finished. I realized that Every Runner who Finished that day, was a Winner, that Finishing is Winning and Winning is Finishing! All of the 20,000 runners who Finished that day were winners just like me."

    And so it is, if you focus all your energies to be the best that you can be, prepare and train to run the run of your "life" to complete what you started and Finish, you are a winner!

    "Finishing is Winning and Winning is Finishing".

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