Connecticut Association of Schools Events

Connecticut Association of Schools

The Connecticut Association of Schools, in partnership with Partners for Sustainable Healthy Communities is sponsoring KiDSMARATHON events across the state of Connecticut. We couldn't be more excited for this communal participation from an entire state!

Specific celebration dates are:

  • Cheshire High school - May 14th
  • Danbury - June 4th
  • Trumball - May 22nd
  • Glastonbury - May 22nd
  • South Windsor - June 3rd
  • Library Park, Waterbury - June TBA
  • Storrs - TBA
  • Waterford - TBA
  • Torrington - June 2nd
  • Hartford - TBA
  • New Fairfield - TBA
  • Over 5,000 kids are participating.

Learn more about what CAS is doing in CT on the new KiDSMARATHON-CT website!